Sarobidy Kitchen Feeding Program

International personnel - BrightsFor many expecting mothers, pregnancy can be a time of great joy as the idea and being of a child begin to take shape. For many impoverished future mothers in Madagascar, the time leading up to the baby’s delivery can be filled with anxiety as they face the challenge of malnourishment and the implications this has on their health, as well as the baby.

The Sarobidy Maternity Centre in Madagascar works to improve the maternal care and nutrition of women in the area. Fellowship International missionary Rachel Bright is ministering at the centre, training and educating new midwives with a goal of seeing an increase in the rate of healthy deliveries. However, the centre recognizes the importance of proper nutrition for mothers after their babies are born in order to ensure they remain healthy and that their babies receive the nutrients they need. In an effort to combat malnutrition in the mothers that are being treated at the centre, a feeding program is being established.

FAIR Catalogue images - MADAGASCAR Kitchen pots and pansRachel has this to say about the situation in Madagascar:

“The consequences of the rampant malnutrition in Madagascar are profound, and pregnancy magnifies these detrimental effects.  Increased risk of preterm birth, postpartum hemorrhage, low infant birth weight, fetal anomalies, and life-long growth stunting are just some pregnancy related problems due to malnutrition. The feeding program will be launched in faith in January 2017, and will offer a healthy balanced full lunch twice a week to the mommas and their children.”

There are many ongoing and one-time costs associated with starting this program including equipment, staffing, as well as the food itself. The initial goal is to provide 800 meals each month to those women being assisted through the centre. An estimated $500 will be needed to equip and launch the program and the ongoing monthly cost to maintain the program will be $1,600.

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For those wishing to participate in the ongoing ministry of the Sarobidy Maternity Centre donations are greatly appreciated.

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