STM Connexion

Long-term Impact Through Short-term Opportunities

STM Connexion is all about connecting people to God's mission, facilitating viable and valuable STM initiatives for our churches, and discovering and walking with those whom God is calling on a longer journey of cross cultural service.

1. Training
Providing our churches with resources and training for accessing and doing STM well.

2. Networking
Developing connections between our churches, their STM projects, experiences and opportunities to partner together.

3. "Plugging In"
Providing opportunities for youth and the young at heart to plug into mission with our missionaries and/or partners and their projects around the globe. Whether for two weeks as part of an STM Connexion team in Turkey or for two years in Japan in an internship role gaining credits towards post-secondary education, Fellowship International can help you "plug in".

Short-term Opportunities—from two weeks to two months,
Mid-term Opportunities—from two months to two years

4. Administration
Helping our churches get viable and valuable STM experience or projects off the ground.


Those interested in the short term opportunities are requested to complete the online Information Questionnaire form.  CLICK HERE