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Wilf Roch is passionate about evangelism and encouraging believers in their faith in Jesus Christ. He has been the subject of a CBC documentary titled ‘Singled Out,’ and has been a guest on 100 Huntley Street. Wilf, a native of Winnipeg, and his wife, Carol, use their spiritual gifts and talents to serve others in their church in London, Ontario, and beyond. 


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-Singled Out (Guardian Books, Essence Publishing)

How do you respond when:
-all your savings and business are taken . . .
-you’ve lost your home . . .
-panic, anger, and worry have you overwhelmed . . .
-your life seems to have been devastated?

Having to prevail through three years of scrutiny in the court systems and facing the potential of 42 criminal charges in a world that singled him out from 100s of his peers, Wilf Roch had every reason to be looking for justice, vindication, and payback. Instead, he went looking for peace.

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