Refugee Sponsorship

Refugee sponsorship, at its best, is a relational investment in which sponsors work together to help displaced persons resettle into a local Canadian community. The result of assisting one family can have an impact for years to come, not only on those who have been sponsored, but also the whole community and future generations.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder and provides refugee sponsorship support to local Alliance and partner denomination churches.  The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (The Fellowship) is a partner with C&MA through Fellowship Aid and International Relief (FAIR).

C&MA assists sponsoring groups in their discernment process as they contemplate how best to welcome newcomers to Canada.

As active members of the Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH) Association, they have the added benefit of providing you with access to helpful training resources, guidance and supportive networking opportunities. You can confidently rest assured that you will have help throughout the process by drawing upon the vast experience of many sponsoring groups in Canada who have a rich and rewarding history of refugee sponsorship.

**Quebec churches, CLICK HERE for Quebec-specific sponsorship information**

There are three stages of the pre-application and application process.

1. Gathering Information

2. First Steps

3. Next Steps