International personnel - Pech ON

Oeut and Nhep Pech

Home Church: Rosemont, QC

Significant Dates:
∙ Applied for service as Finishers in 2006.
∙ Departed for ministry in 2007.

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Nhep came to faith in Christ at the age of 19, the result of her brother’s persistent witness. In 1975, the Pol Pot regime took over Cambodia. On three separate occasions, Nhep was sentenced to die and on all of those occasions God miraculously spared her life and used her to minister to others in the camps where she was being held. In 1981, after the fall of Pol Pot, Nhep was able to return to her practice as a dentist. Here, too, she was able to witness for Christ as she travelled throughout the poorest regions of the country. Out of those opportunities churches have been born.

Oeut also survived the terror of years in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. He and his family immigrated to Canada in 1980 but it wasn’t until 1990 after being miraculously healed from a serious kidney condition that he realized that all that he had heard from his wife and son, all that he had read in the Bible his wife had given him, was true. In the hospital he accepted Christ as his Saviour.

The Pechs, burdened for their countrymen, requested to be able to return to Cambodia with Fellowship International to evangelize using a mobile dental clinic as an entrance into the homes and hearts of the people in Kampong Cham and Siemreap provinces. Already, God has blessed that ministry and a number of churches have been started. The Pechs also teach the Bible and are engaged in church-planting in the area where they live.