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Shikarpur Christian Hospital (SCH) provides medical services to Muslim women and their babies in Shikarpur and area. In many instances, lower income patients are unable to pay for the services they receive. FAIR plays an active role in providing treatment and medication for those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.


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Getting Ready for Baby

Your donation will provide prenatal iron, calcium and vitamins for one year to an impoverished woman. These supplements are vitally important to the health of moms and to the healthy development of baby. (#3277)

Cost: $12 per personGeneral - Click to donate 2

Malaria Treatment

Your donation will provide anti-malaria meds to expectant mothers. This helps to prevent a relapse, something common in cases of malaria. (#3278)

Cost: $3 per patientGeneral - Click to donate 2

Special Deliveries—Caesarean Section

FAIR - PAKISTAN   nurse and babyFor women from low-income families who have experienced problems in previous pregnancies or in their present pregnancy, SCH, through FAIR, provides caesarean sections. This invaluable surgery allows the baby to be delivered in a safe hospital environment where there is more likelihood of the baby being born alive. Private hospitals in the area charge $250-$600 for this surgery, whereas SCH can offer it for $250-$275. Patients pay a portion of the surgery cost, while FAIR is able to supplement the remainder with your help. (#3276)

Cost: $275 for one surgeryGeneral - Click to donate 2



Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment

Paying for a full course of TB treatment can be daunting. Six months is the minimum, and nine months to a year is the preferred amount of time needed for treatment. Medication alone is expensive; add blood tests and doctor's fees and such treatment is beyond most people's means. Your donation will provide resources for treatment of those impacted by TB. (#3279)

 Cost: $15 per month of TB treatment per person General - Click to donate 2

Hospital Infrastructure Improvements

Shikarpur Christian Hospital (SCH) provides medical services to Muslim women and their babies living in the community and surrounding area. Many of these patients are from low income families who are unable to pay the full amount for the services they receive. In these instances, FAIR helps to meet the shortfall. 

In order for the hospital to continue to offer excellent quality health care to these women and children, SCH is renovating many of their facilities (staff housing, administration buildings, patient wards and rooms. (#3238)

$2 — Donkey cart deliveryGeneral - Click to donate 2
$5 — 5 flooring tiles
$6 — 1 day of one labourer's wages
$6 — 100 bricks
$7 — Bag of cement
$10 — Tradesman 1 day labour
$15 — Solid wood handmade door
$50 — Electrical wiring and lighting for an entire room
$75 — Entire kitchen marble countertop
$100 — Kitchen sink

Community Development Program 

Around the world literacy is essential for economic development as well as in improving one's well-being. Each year in Pakistan, Shikarpur Christian Hospital's Community Development program reaches 100 students through 20 literacy training centres. The program offers people the opportunity to learn to read and write while exposing students to the Good News of Christ. Several times a year, students are invited to participate in holiday outreach programs where they meet other students, hear the Gospel, share testimonies, and are encouraged in their learning. FAIR funds are used to purchase supplies, and to provide training support to keep the program running. (#3239)

$130 – Sponsor a holiday outreach program
$8 – one month of teaching supplies
$385 – one month of training support

Funds are forwarded as they are made available General - Click to donate 2

First Response 

When an accident or emergency happens, most people do not know what to do. Many communities in Pakistan are more than an hour's drive from the nearest clinic or health care facility. Knowing what to do the moment an emergency happens is a matter of life or death.

Through First Response, both men and women are given basic training lessons on how to react in an emergency ("Stop, Look, Think" principles), ethics of first aid, and five steps to basic first aid. Training events help provide opportunities to share physical and spiritual hope with whole communities.

Help support First Response:

  • $15 – First aid kits for a village
  • $20 – Lunch or Chai for trainees
  • $250 – One community training event

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