Projects and Opportunities


The initial five year training program in Honduras was completed in 2008. Presently, training is taking place in this country under the leadership of the team that was established there with the Baptist Convention. There are four second-generation training sites and three third-generation sites being conducted by the Honduran trainers. One church is actually in its fourth generation of training their own "Timothys”.

During the annual fall conferences of 2010 upwards of 200 pastors and their church leaders who have been trained by LeadersFor and blessed by its ministry, participated. Many others could not attend.

The LeadersFor first-generation in Honduras prepared their strategy for Central America and called it the 7-7-7 plan. This stands for seven countries—six in Central America and Mexico—all having seven groups of pastors studying and seven leading churches able to certify pastors in this paradigm of church-based ministry training and theological education.

This group, which has about 22 pastors, from the first and second generations, are studying more leadership courses and some are preparing to be certified by the "Antioch School" of BILD.

A new cohort was started in the northern city of La Ceiba in 2011. From this, in 2013, sprang two more cohorts, one in the Garifuna language, and another in the Miskito language. The 2011 cohort concluded successfully in 2015.


The first cohort of about 25 pastors and church leaders graduated in 2012. There is discussion about engaging the same group with higher level training and taking similar training to other village pastors in the area, many of whom are not as proficient in English and would need different material and support. Pray for the logistics and for funding, and a vision for how to proceed.


The Guatemala project began the first cohort in March 2009, teaching being done almost entirely by our Honduran trainers. The courses were taught at Canaan Baptist Church in Chimaltenango until level one was completed in November 2013.

A trial cohort was started in the capital in 2011 but discontinued after two years.

El Salvador

The EL Salvador project started in 2009. About 20 pastors from the capital and its satellites met three or four times a year to learn, and then to prepare their own leaders. Two second-generation cohorts started in 2014, led by pastors from the first cohort. The first cohort graduated in 2015.


The first Kolkata cohort of 53, mostly pastors, graduated in January 2014. One of the students initiated a second cohort in Tripura which graduated in October 2016. Other pastors from the first generation are the main teachers/facilitators in five new cohorts strategically located throughout West Bengal which started in May 2014.


This group began in May 2011, meeting near Nairobi. About 30 pastors are participating and will, in turn, be able to train pastors from an estimated 7,000 churches in West Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. The pastors were selected by CMA (Christian Mission Aid) which, alongside development and relief work, plants churches. They saw the potential of church-based leadership training in this environment and partnered with LeadersFor to introduce this training.

A second cohort is being launched for Kisii in Western Kenya in response to a request from the Gucha Central Baptist Association. This will begin as soon as funding and partners are in place, probably in 2017

The Philippines

Two cohorts were started in January 2015—one in Ormoc, in the central Philippines, and one near General Santos in the south. Each has more than 30 trainees. The security situation in the South caused difficulties for the second and third workshops, with some pastors from the South traveling to Ormoc for the third. The situation was returning to normal for the 2016 workshops.


 In March of 206 LeadersFor teamed up with TETMI (The Evangelizer’s Team Ministries International) to start training an initial group of pastors in South Eastern Nigeria. TETMI is a Nigerian organization that has been planting churches in the south east of Nigeria for 30 years and on hearing about LeadersFor quickly recognised the potential value of church-based leadership training for their situation. The cohort met for the first time in August 2016.

New Opportunities

LeadersFor has received calls to start learning cohorts in the following countries:

• Dominica—preparations are well under way to start a project on this Caribbean island in 2017.

• Nicaragua—the Baptist convention there has asked LeadersFor to commence work similar to that in Honduras, and negotiations are under way.

•The Arab world—we receive frequent calls to start projects among the Arabic speaking churches of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria and North Africa. We are praying for wisdom and looking at the feasibility of such a project.

•Other places—interest has been expressed in starting projects in other places including D.R. Congo, Indonesia, Cambodia and Spain.

LeadersFor welcomes partnering churches who see the need and heed the call to join other churches in this new paradigm of missionary work and leadership development. Churches can either join a team to assist in existing projects, or take responsibility for new ones.



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