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Marilee is involved in Leadership Training in Brazil.



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José Pontes and his wife, Gildenira, are two graduates of the extension seminary where Marilee Morden teaches in Brazil. They have been an encouragement to her and to all who have been involved in their lives. They began studying at the extension seminary in September 2001 and on February 29, 2004, had a little girl they named Jochebed. They attended the seminary training in March, before she was even a month old! At 6 months, Jochebed was diagnosed with kidney cancer and went to be with the Lord about a year later. Through all the chemo their daughter went through, Gildenira missed only one training event. After the problems with Jochebed, José had a detached retina and lost the sight in one eye, but continued his studies. They both graduated in October 2006.

The leadership training course was originally designed to train lay leaders from the small, interior churches in Northeastern Brazil. Since the course began in 1992, 22 of the 65 graduates have been ordained to the ministry. This has been an important way Marilee has found to help extend God’s kingdom in ways and places she would never be able to personally.

Another part of Marilee’s ministry has been with the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Floriano, Piauí. One exciting thing that happened during Marilee’s last term was when a graduate of the extension seminary took over the ministry of the church plant in Rio Grande do Piauí. Marilee also saw another church plant begun in Flores. Her church ministry involves teaching the adult Sunday school class, directing the choir, leading the worship team, overseeing any construction that is needed and substituting for the pastor whenever he travels.