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Apollo and Lois Midigo

Home Church: Calvary, Burlington, ON

Significant Dates:
∙ Served previously with Partners International.
∙ Applied and were accepted for long term service with Fellowship International in 2008.
∙ Departed for Congo (DRC) in January 2011.


Apollo was born into a non-Christian home in Kenya but was allowed to attend the church of his choice. His mother's parents were born again Christians and prayed consistently for Apollo. When he was 13, Apollo was invited to attend a crusade in the village. There he discovered that spending eternity in heaven could not be earned by simply being obedient to his parents. He realized that he needed Christ in his life. Soon after accepting Christ, Apollo sensed the Lord's moving in his life and felt God’s call into full time ministry. He studied at Moffat Bible College in Kenya before the Lord provided him the opportunity to continue his studies at Tyndale University in Toronto.

In contrast to Apollo, Lois was raised in a loving Christian home which led her to assume that she was already a believer. In grade 10 a speaker came to preach in school and reminded the students that salvation was not going to church or Sunday School, but came through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was at that time, at the age of 16, that Lois put her faith in Christ.

Her call to overseas ministry came as a result of the love and support she observed in her parents toward international students at Bible College and national missionaries serving overseas. Since the family could not travel outside the country, they believed God was calling them to pray and support those serving God in different capacities. As she grew up and watched their love for God and God's people, it activated her desire to make an impact on people's lives. Little did she know that God will fulfill that desire in her life by leading her to marry a man who had the same call and vision.

Apollo and Lois arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in mid-February, 2011 and are serving with the Congolese churches alongside Richard and Brenda Flemming.

The Midigos have two children: Hannah and Dixon.