Helping Girls Reach Their Potential

FAIR - Lebanon - girls huggingCedar Home is a non-profit Christian organization that provides a Christ-centered home for abandoned children, orphans and children at risk in Lebanon. This humanitarian work is driven by faith and is designed to inspire, guide and help these children develop spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, and to fulfill their highest potential.

Cedar Home presently has 15 residents. Over its 50 plus years of experience, more than 500 young women have graduated from Cedar Home. Plans are being formulated to develop outreach programs from the home that will have a spiritual impact on the surrounding community.  (#3267)

Cost: A gift of $200 covers the expenses for one girl for a month (food, clothing, education, medical care and accommodation)

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Orphan Drop-off and Care Center

Cedar Home is one of only three Christian charities in Lebanon licensed to arrange adoptions.
Since it was established in 1961, Cedar Home has worked on 20 adoption cases. While adoption is legal, there are many reasons why pregnant women, mainly foreign domestic workers, choose to abort their babies. Being illegal and outside the protection of the already poor provisions made by government agencies, fear of having the babies stolen and sold, fear of losing their jobs, lack of funds for hospital care, rape or pregnancy outside of marriage, are a few. But this is something Cedar Home wants to help change by providing practical solutions, controlled and managed in-house, and in fulfillment of its ministry and mission.  (#3240)

Breakdown of Project Goal:
      Construction of Drop Off Centre ($7,025)
      Security system ($1,680)
      Foam carpet for babies ($400)
      Toys and book cabinet ($335)
      Caregiver salary for one year ($9,000)
      Bedroom furniture ($1,700)
      Baby accessories ($450)
      Crib and mattress ($1,700)
      Air conditioner ($300)
      Closet ($224)
      Chair ($224)
      Change table ($170)
      Stroller ($300)
      Car seat ($170)
      First aid kit ($60)
      Bed ($340)
      Roof fan ($115)

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Project overseers: Karim and Rita Anayssi