Where is LeadersFormation Training?

LeadersFor - Exportable map Oct 3 2014

LeadersFor has completed projects in:

 Honduras Uganda Guatemala North Honduras El Salvador India


LeadersFor has active projects in:

Kenya India The Philippines Nigeria


New Opportunities

LeadersFor has received calls to start learning cohorts in the following countries:

• Dominica—preparations are well under way to start a project on this Caribbean island in 2017.

• The Arab world—we receive frequent calls to start projects among the Arabic-speaking churches of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and North Africa. We will be evaluating a potential project early in 2017.

• Indonesia—negotiations are underway, and an evaluation of possible projects is planned for Spring 2017.,

• Other places—interest has been expressed in starting a project in D.R. Congo, Cambodia and Spain.

• Mexico—VELA has asked LeadersFor to commence a cohort to train upwards of 60 pastors who in turn could train other church leaders.

LeadersFor welcomes partnering churches who see the need and heed the call to join other churches in this new paradigm of missionary work and leadership development. Churches can either join a team to assist in existing projects, or take responsibility for new ones.