The initial five year training program in Honduras was completed in 2008 and training is continuing under the leadership of the team that was established there with the Baptist Convention. There are four second-generation training sites and three third-generation sites being conducted by the Honduran trainers. One church is actually in its fourth generation of training their own "Timothys”.

During the annual fall conferences of 2010 upwards of 200 pastors and their church leaders who have been trained by LeadersFor and blessed by its ministry, participated. Many others could not attend.

The LeadersFor first-generation in Honduras prepared their strategy for Central America and called it the 7-7-7 plan. This stands for seven countries—six in Central America and Mexico—all having seven groups of pastors studying and seven leading churches able to certify pastors in this paradigm of church-based ministry training and theological education.

This group, which has about 22 pastors, from the first and second generations, are studying more leadership courses and some are preparing to be certified by the "Antioch School" of BILD.

A new LeadersFor cohort was started among the Garifuna people in the northern city of La Ceiba in 2011. From this, in 2013, sprung two more cohorts; one in the Garifuna language, and another in the Miskito language.