International personnel - Karkafi
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Bechara and Roula Karkafi
Home Church:  Greenbelt Baptist, Gloucester, ON
Significant Dates:
· Appointed to serve in Canada and overseas in 2016.

Bechara was born and raised in Lebanon, the eldest child in a family with six children. As a child he clearly remembers his search for a way to quench his desire to be accepted by God. At the age of 12 his father passed away. He writes, “I felt very lonely and unprotected during that time which lead me to feel distant from God.” He watched his mother as she struggled under the weight of raising six children as a widow. And yet, Bechara clearly remembers during those difficult days the profound faith his mother had in Jesus Christ.

Just four short years later, Bechara's mother passed away. “Feeling far from God already, the loss of her added to the confusion I was already feeling about Him. It was at this time that I began to question God's intentions and His justice towards humanity.”

In search of peace with God, six months after his mother's death, Bechara visited the church his mother had attended and vividly remembers asking Christ to save him and provide him with the same grace that his mother enjoyed in life. “That amazing day when I met Christ and committed myself to serving Him for the rest of my life was and always will be the dearest day of all.”

After several years of tremendous success in the business world, the Lord laid on Bechara's heart a desire to serve and glorify Him. He writes, “The Lord's voice was very clear to me when He said, 'What are you doing here? Are you going to spend your whole life in building your business and accumulate your forture of dollars which will vanish and disappear sooner or later, or will you dedicate your heart, soul and body to build my eternal kingdom? This was a turning point in my life.” Bechara completed formal studies at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon and is currently pursuing his D. Min. of Pastoral Theology in Ottawa. He has served as a pastor and church planter for 18 years and has been instrumental in the formation and planting of several churches within the Fellowship in Canada and overseas.

Roula was raised in a Catholic family and she came to faith in Christ at the age of 12. She began attending an evangelical church and it was then that she met Bechara.  After their marriage, they served as church planters overseas before being led by God to Canada where they planted a church in Ottawa. She recently completed her Masters degree in Business Administration and looks forward to using this background to the glory of God.

As a pastor and leader Bechara has set two main goals to fulfill God's call. He writes, “I have made a covenant before the Lord that I will generally guide His people and leaders and help them get closer to God. I have also made a covenant to encourage leaders in Canada and overseas to adopt and develop a Godly vision to disciple others.”