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Rob and Martine Karch

Significant Moments:
∙ Appointed for service by WorldVenture.
∙ Partnered with Fellowship International.


One of the strengths of Fellowship International can be found in our partnerships with other agencies of similar faith. One such partnership with WorldVenture, has long been part of our history in several countries, including our own.

As odd as it might sound, Canada is a mission field. Rob was born in Oregon into a Christian home. He came to know the Lord as his Saviour at a very young age, remembering clearly the night he knelt by his parents’ bedside to ask Jesus to forgive him and to become his Saviour. Although he felt called to serve God from the beginning, it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he took that call seriously. At the time he felt France was the place of God’s choosing and eventually led a couple of summer teams into ministry in that country.

Martine was born into a Catholic home in Quebec. Her parents came to Christ when she was four, establishing a foundation of Christian upbringing in the family. As a child she dreamed about missions. As a teenager involved in a Christian drama group, Martine realized that faith was personal and asked Christ to be her Saviour. Later she went to France on a short-term missions team, and after that with YWAM to Costa Rica. She began to plan a missionary career in Africa.

As a married couple, the call to serve God in missions remained strong even though the direction for both of them was changing. They were accepted by WorldVenture for service in France, and then were led of God to work in French but in Quebec rather than either France or French Africa. That leading brought them into partnership with Fellowship International in 2002.

Rob and Martine now work in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec in evangelism and church planting ministry.