“Hand-me-down” Program

FAIR - Japan-Hand me downs 2Gently-used items from Japan are finding new homes 3,000 km away in the Philippines. Many Japanese families have only one child, and clothing, toys, and school supplies are often thrown away once that child outgrows them. Fellowship International missionaries Rob and Kathryn Fleming have established a program whereby boxes of used children's clothing and toys are sent to Faith Academy in the Philippines. Personnel and students from Faith then distribute these items to street children and to the many squatter families living in shacks within walking distance of the school.

The school has a weekly outreach to squatter children called All for Jesus, which extends Christ's love through these practical expressions. Your contribution can send one of these “boxes of love.” (#3263)

Shipping cost: $80 for one large box.General - Click to donate 2

Project overseers: Rob and Kathryn Fleming