HAITI—Hurricane Relief




(October 2016)

“Worst humanitarian crisis in Haiti since 2010 quake."
—United Nations

—US National Hurricane Center

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The Devastation

On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew, a deadly category 4 hurricane, began pounding Haiti with 145 mph winds. Storm alerts warned of a direct hit and the very real potential of three feet of rain falling in a matter of hours as the slow moving storm passed over the region. Deforestation in the countryside over the years makes flash flooding and mudslides a dangerous threat to villages and shantytowns throughout the country. Many of the hardest hit areas have been cut off due to severe flooding and collapsed buildings and bridges. The UN has estimated that 350,000 Haitians have been affected by what they’re calling the largest humanitarian event since the earthquake that devastated Haiti six years ago.

The Need

Many families have been living in tents and “temporary” shelters since 2010’s earthquake, leaving them and their livelihoods exposed to the devastating winds and water. The possibility of landslides, which typically follow the high rains of hurricanes, also poses a threat, and even as the physical danger subsides, access to clean water, food and shelter is a significant issue. There are fears that the lack of clean water may cause a rise in the ongoing cholera epidemic that has claimed the lives of 9,000 people since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

FAIR Response

FAIR is partnering with Baptist Relief and Development (BReaD) Network, an organization with which FAIR has been developing a working relationship over the past year. Relief will be distributed through local Haitian churches, enabling them to reach those within their community who are in greatest need.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can partner with FAIR in this project as we seek to extend the love of Christ to those most affected by the hurricane in Haiti, and relieve the immediate and ongoing suffering caused by this event.