How LeadersFormation Works

LeadersFor - LF IndiaThe key to effective leadership training is long-term, self-sustaining, and locally inspired initiatives. When a church or an association of churches extends an invitation to LeadersFor, the following are the typical steps that are taken:


1. The LeadersFor team meets with national leadership to study the needs and discuss the possibilities.

2. A national team is chosen to lay down the parameters of the program.LeadersFor - LF Nigeria

3. LeadersFor chooses its team of faculty, financial supporters and overseers for the project.

4. With the assistance of the national team, prospective leaders are targeted to form the first generation of trainees who can later become trainers.

5. A training schedule is established and LeadersFor personnel conduct seminars onsite.

6. Certified first generation trainers are commissioned to train a second generation of willing pastors.

LeadersFor - Philippines LeadersFor pastoral training group7. Trained pastors will, in turn, train their “Timothys” in their own local churches.

8. National leaders may be invited to help facilitate leadership development in other countries. The final result anticipated is a church where church-based training is part of the DNA of the local church.


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