Feeding Program

FAIR - Haiti feeding programDid you know that the average daily income of the vast majority of Haiti's population is only $2? FAIR works hand-in-hand in Haiti with GIA, (Grace In Action), a program overseen by the Dondon Church just south of Cap-Haitien to assist those living in poverty.

Almost 100% of the Dondon congregation feeds itself from the produce grown in small gardens. One-third of families cannot afford to pay the school fees—even though these only amount to $15 a year.

The Dondon Church offers 500 students one meal per day throughout the entire school year. It is a proven fact that children learn better when they are properly-fed and improved concentration aids in retaining not just the educational lessons of the day, but the spiritual lessons that are taught as well. Some of the funding raised also goes to develop sustainability initiatives which, in time, will help the community be able to fund the school's lunch program on its own. (#3228)

Cost: $10 will supply 30 meals for one dayGeneral - Click to donate 2