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During the 1950s and 1960s Glenn and his wife, Mary, pioneered three Fellowship churches. To accomplish his educational goals, he served seven years in prison chaplaincy. For nine years he taught and counseled and for three years served as Assistant to the President at what is now Tyndale College and Seminary.  He served as President of the Fellowship for one term and as Executive Director of Yonge Street Mission for over seven years. Having graduate training in both theology and psychology, he has served in providing counseling services to many denominations and international mission agency over a period of 25 years in many countries of the world. He and his wife provided a residence facility, Ferlie Brae, which accommodated over 1600 visitors over ten years. He served several denominations in providing care to pastors and leaders during his professional career. In retirement, he continues to be available to pastors.

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Blogs: www.glennctaylor.com; www.pastorsintransition.com

· Pastors in Transition: Navigating the Turbulence of Change (WordAlive Press, April, 2013) 224p.
Engagement in ministry as a life vocation necessitates adapting to change. Pastors and others in ministry will transition from one place of ministry to another several times during the career of ministry. All members of the family experience the grief, loss, moves and other responses uniquely. With intentional responses the God desires for us can be discovered. A theological perspective on changing ministry is offered by this book.

· Helping Angry People: A Short-term Structured Model for Pastoral Counselors (Regent Press,  2003) co-authored with Dr. Rod Wilson, 208p.
This book provides a model for guiding pastors in caring for people who respond with anger to the experiences of life.

· Exploring Your Anger (Regent Press, 2003)  co-authored with Dr. Rod Wilson, 112p.
This is a book for persons who wish to understand and more effectively understand and cope with the anger that they experience in their lives.

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