Francophone Partnerships

Today there are about 9,000 believers that worship every Sunday in our AÉBÉQ churches. That's good news, and yet the other 6,000,000 francophones living in Quebec—as well as the 1,000,000 elsewhere in Canada—are largely unreached with the Gospel.

About 0.8% of francophones living in Quebec and 1% living beyond Quebec identify themselves as evangelical of the lowest percentages in the world.

The stark reality is that almost no one from beyond our borders is seeking to reach the francophone population in Quebec or the rest of Canada, and so that vitally important mission falls to our Fellowship of churches.

Fellowship churches and individual donors from across Canada are encouraged to engage in collaborative relationships with francophone church plants through direct and strategic partnerships. These partnerships could manifest in the sharing of resources, work teams, prayer support, and financial support, to name a few examples.

These strategic partnerships will be brokered by Fellowship National and managed by the Church Planting Director in the region where the francophone church plant is located. Below is a listing of current partnerships.

Details related to the Abitibi region's ministry.
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Details related to the Bécancour ministry.
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Details related to the Deux-Montagnes ministry.
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Eastern Quebec
Details related to the Eastern Quebec ministry.
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Église 21 Montréal
Details related to the Église 21 Montréal ministry.
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Le Flambeau (Granby)
Granby (Le Flambeau) profile
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Details related to the Plessisville ministry.
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St-Hyacinthe, QC
Details related to the St-Hyacinthe ministry.
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Details related to the St-Jérôme ministry.
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Details related to the St-Léonard ministry.
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Details related to the Terrebonne-Mascouche ministry.
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