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Jack is the husband of Dedee and they have been married for almost 30 years. Jack and Dedee have four biological children, two long-term foster sons, and they currently have three grandsons.

Jack has been in ministry most of his life, having grown up in a pastor’s home on the mission field of Belgium, Jack graduated from Central Baptist in Toronto back in 1986, and has served in Fellowship churches since 1983: Wilmar Heights (Scarborough, ON) and Calvary Baptist (Burlington, ON), First Baptist (Cochrane, ON), and at Lansing Baptist (Sudbury, ON) since 1995. Jack has also served on the FEB Central regional board, and is serving as one of FEB Central’s area shepherds.

In 2010 Jack and Dedee started a ministry called “The Shepherd’s Lounge Ltd.”. This is a nondenominational ministry to pastor’s and their families.

Contact Information: 
Mailing Address: 3619 Bancroft Dr.
                         Sudbury Ontario   P3B 4J7
Ph.: 705-561-8858
Email:  pastor.jack.lansing@gmail.com
Web page: www.theshepherdslounge.com

Freeing Your Pastor to Serve with Joy (The Shepherd's Lounge Ltd.)

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-Books may be purchased through the Fellowship via email or phoning: 519-821-4830 Ext. 227.

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-Amazon’s Kindle

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$15.25 plus shipping