WorldVenture pics - Elliot-HoggMalcolm and Mary Elliot-Hogg

Malcolm and Mary Elliot-Hogg are reaching international students studying at New Zealand universities.





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Malcolm and Mary Elliot-Hogg have served through leadership training since 1987, first at the Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines, then from 1993 to 2008 at the Evangelical School of Theology in Wroclaw, Poland. For five years, Malcolm filled the position of academic dean before turning over the responsibility to a national faculty member.

In 2008, WorldVenture asked the Elliot-Hoggs to open a new field in the South Pacific, based in New Zealand. The focus of this new work is reaching international students with the gospel and discipling them so that they in turn can bring the gospel to their own people.

With limited resources for mission work, bringing the gospel to international students when they are guests in our countries clearly is one of the best ways available to us of leading to Christ young people who will be key players when they return home after their studies. They come to Australia and New Zealand in the tens of thousands from all over Asia and the Middle East, from countries whose cultures, languages and political situations make it very difficult for white Westerners to gain entry.