Coming Soon!

new site FAIR catalogue pageFor the last number of months Fellowship staff have been working on a refreshed look for its website. While the site will contain much of the information that visitors have grown accustomed to seeing, the design will also include new features that will assist those seeking to partner with The Fellowship through various ministries.

In addition, the site will be AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities) compliant, a feature that has been legislated by the Ontario provincial government for organizations and companies.


New features include:new site donation page

· a user-friendly electronic FAIR catalogue,

· a new flip-version of the Thrive magazine,

· a “Gift Basket” which makes giving to those personnel and/or projects dearest to your heart easier,

· the ability to make donations to multiple personnel/projects through one “check out” feature,

· the ability to see how much has been received for specific projects,

· a new Fellowship International blog,new site FAIR project page

· and much more!


Stayed tuned for the launch of the refreshed Fellowship site and its new features, scheduled for release later in 2018!