Children’s Playhouse

FAIR - Colombia poor barrioBarrio Pacífico is an improverished shantytown clinging to the mountainside on the edge of the city of Medellín. About 600 children from the barrio are left alone for extended periods of time while their parents work. These children struggle with depression, sadness and hopelessness. The uneducated and untrained adult population work at poorly-paid, unstable jobs—it's barely survival. Assassins, prostitutes and drug dealers roam at will through the neighbourhood. Apart from the dangerous streets, there is no place for the children to go.

For $14 a month, a child can play in safety at the Children's Playhouse, connected with the only Christian church in the area. There they are supervised by believers, receive a meal and learn about Jesus. You can have an impact through this family-oriented program that has the potential to change a whole community. (#3246)

Cost: $10 per child per monthGeneral - Click to donate 2

Abba Father Ministry

Many children grow up exposed to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The results are often poor self-esteem, confusion about sexual orientation, and unhealthy lifestyles as they search for love and meaning in life.  Abba Father is a ministry to lesbians and homosexuals in downtown Medellín led by volunteers who have been rescued from similar experiences. Because of this ministry many have been reintegrated into society and the workforce. You can have a part in bringing God's grace to others like them. (#3248)

Cost: $50 per person for a year of therapyGeneral - Click to donate 2

Ministering to the Deaf

The growing city of Medellin (with more than 3.7 million) has more than 20,000 deaf people. Ephraim and Eliana, high school teachers and church members of El Redil, are specialists in sign language and are serving and reaching this population for Christ. Deaf people suffer rejection and abuse, even from their families. El Redil Church is currently supporting the first steps of the foundation of the first church for deaf people in Medellin. With $15 dollars per month you can support the training of deaf leaders and support the translation of Bible teaching videos into sign language.  (#3241)

Cost: $15 per monthGeneral - Click to donate 2

Building a Dream

Situated in San Cristobal, one of the poorest suburbs in Medellin, is Redil Cultivo de Vida. The congregation of this young church plant gave sacrificially to build the main floor of a basic church building and is now seeking to improve the facility to better meet their needs.

With the planned improvements, the church building will provide a site where this growing congregation can worship, hold community gatherings and share God's love with the community around them.

Phase One of the project was completed in Spring 2017 when a new roof was constructed.

Phase Two of the project is to construct an addition onto the
building that would provide space for a children's program.

Costs: General - Click to donate 2
$5 – 10 bricks
$10 – 1 sheet of metal roofing
$10 – 1 bag of concrete mix
$100 – 1 door
$50 – 1 window
$50 – paint

Project overseers: Diego and Claudia Cardona 

 Hands to Heart

Within the country of Colombia, there are an estimated 500,000 deaf people. Many have no community, are often survivors of physical or sexual abuse, and live without hope.
Through teaching sign language to the hearing-abled, translating materials into sign language, counselling retreats, translation for Sunday and youth services, and one-on-one discipleship, the Gospel is already being brought to this unreached population within the growing city of Medellín and many are coming to know Christ as Lord.

You can help expand the reach of this ministry to other villages and cities in Colombia with a gift of:

$ 20 – 1 month of sign language classes
$ 25 – Biblical counseling and retreat for a deaf person
$ 45 – resource translation into sign language
$ 100 – supports a signing worker to reach the deaf

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