Chaplaincy Application

The files linked below are PDF forms. You must open the appropriate form in Adobe Reader in order to submit it. Do not open it in any browser as you may lose all the information you enter. Please right-click the file and save it to your computer before opening in Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader can be downloaded from:


Fellowship Chaplaincy Application Fillable Form
To complete the Fellowship Chaplaincy Application Fillable Form, right-click the link below and save it to your computer before opening in Adobe Reader.  Right-Click here to save

Fellowship Chaplaincy FAQ
The following frequently asked questions are a quick reference for chaplains and for chaplaincy applicants.   DOWNLOAD 

Fellowship Chaplaincy Policies and Statement of Faith
The following Policies and Statement of Faith need to be agreed to and signed off by each chaplaincy applicant as part of the application process. DOWNLOAD

Fellowship Chaplaincy Yearly Ministry Update and Ministry Plan template
The following template is used by chaplains for their yearly reporting to Fellowship Chaplaincy leadership.   DOWNLOAD