COLOMBIA: Building a Dream

FAIR has a unique opportunity to partner with our Colombia field in one of the poorest suburbs in Medellin and we are excited to share this news with you.

Fellowship International missionaries DiegFAIR - Mini Appeals - Colombia 2017 merged imageso Cardona and Phil Webb shared recently about a new church being planted in San Cristobal, a Medellin suburb that is considered to belong to the lowest of six society strata levels in the city.  The pastor of this young congregation, Samuel, is seeking to complete construction on a church building and to move forward in partnership with the El Redil group of churches in Medellin where Fellowship International missionaries have ministered since El Redil’s inception. A complete church building will provide a site where this growing congregation can worship, hold community gatherings and share God’s love with the people of San Cristobal. The first floor was built through the sacrificial giving of the congregation, but additional funds and helping hands are needed in order to complete the second floor and roof. This addition would provide for Sunday school rooms and stop the leaking that occurs every time it rains due to the absence of a proper roof.

Phil Webb is leading a team in early 2017 to San Cristobal to complete the second floor. In order to facilitate this, FAIR has committed to raise the $10,000 needed to cover the cost of the materials for the second floor walls and roof. In faith, FAIR, recognizing the urgency of this project, has forwarded the funds needed to complete this construction project trusting in the response of God’s people to come alongside this financially struggling congregation.  FAIR considers this a tremendous opportunity to encourage these believers and help alleviate the spiritual suffering of a sector of the population that experiences need on every side.

We ask that you prayerfully consider a one-time gift towards putting a roof over this church facility. Through your generosity we will be able to replace the funds that we have already sent and be able to continue to support projects like this one as they arise.

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Photos (top to bottom):
· The uncompleted church building with the first floor ready for the addition of the second floor and roof.    
· This photo of the second floor shows where Sunday school rooms will be situated once work is completed.  
· A few of the believers gather for study and fellowship.