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Janet Brown coordinates short-term missions in Japan for WorldVenture.


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In 1983, Janet Brown went to Japan to teach physical education and coach at the Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ). She served there until 1995 when the Lord led her into a new ministry — ministering as the short-term ministries coordinator for the Japan field. In this position Janet schedules the opportunities for short-term teams and workers to serve and assists them while they are in Japan. She also partners with the national churches in meeting their needs through short-term ministries.

Other responsibilities Janet has involve putting together the monthly Prayer Calendar for the Japan field, serving on several committees, driving bus for an MK school and other ministries and teaching crafts for the school support services at CAJ. She has recently been involved with driving for a compassion ministry, Wheelchairs of Hope. This ministry recycles used wheelchairs in Japan by refurbishing them and sending the chairs to other ministries throughout Asia.

During this last term, Janet was again commissioned by a Japanese church to make a stained glass window for their sanctuary. The theme of this window was a study on the “I AMs” of the Book of John.

Janet’s role as short-term coordinator has been expanded to include Asia — investing 20 percent of her time in the region. Her main focus will continue to be in Japan. As the Asia coordinator, her goal is to prepare other Asian fields to host short-term teams and individuals as well as to have a working program ready for an appointed Asia short-term coordinator.