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FAIR - Appeals - POLAND--Mini appeal March 2016

As of August 1, 2016, FAIR had received $11,059 towards the overall goal of $12,000.

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The hearts and lives of children are being forever changed in Poland! As part of their work in the country, Fellowship International missionaries Pierre and Hanna Jutras, along with their co-workers, Gnel and Gosia, provide a kids’ club during the school year and soccer camp during the summer. Both programs have been a great success in Zamość, Lublin and Legionowo, and are now being integrated into the Jutras’ work in Biała Podlaska.

Pierre Jutras writes, “We have seen such progress in our soccer camps and evangelism among children in our five year involvement in Lublin. Many kids have heard the Gospel and made decisions for the Lord. Through the impact of the kids’ club and soccer camps in Lublin as well as in Zamość, youth who have attended as children have been impacted by the love of Christ and are becoming believers and leaders within their community. Through the context of summer camps, the youth learn to: share the Gospel, serve others, reach other kids and parents for Christ, read the Bible, and pray, among other things. We want and need more of this kind of youth in Poland!”

Children who attend the kids’ club throughout the school year are blessed with activities, special outings and sports as well as a meal which is important for those children who come from poor families. The summer soccer camp is a fun and engaging outreach to kids from the communities where churches have led that ministry. Both of these programs provide the opportunity for follow-up and evangelism while connecting with the families of the children.

Although the kid’s club and summer soccer camp have been effective in extending the love of Christ to the children of Poland, they are underfunded and need support to continue to be able to provide excellent and engaging programs. These programs need additional staff support and materials to ensure that the children of Biała Podlaska have the opportunity to learn about Jesus’ love for them–some for the first time in their lives.

Our goal is $ 12,000 to cover support for Gnel and Gosia and youth leaders, provide meals, materials, equipment and rentals for special activities and outings, and for suitable rental space.

Your generous gift will enable the Jutras and their coworkers to continue to care for the practical and spiritual health of the children and communities in their region of Poland for a minimum of 12 months.