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The Organization

FAIR partnership imagery - BridgeNorth silhoutteBridgeNorth is a survivor-founded, survivor-led charitable organization focused on restoring the inherent dignity and value of sexually exploited women and girls by meeting their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. They provide services and mentorship to women, girls and families affected by the sex industry; create public awareness and education programs to train the public and professionals; and advocate for the exploited.

BridgeNorth’s vision is to see an end to sexual exploitation in Canada.
To learn more about BridgeNorth, visit their website —

In Partnership with FAIR

In November 2017, FAIR announced a partnership with BridgeNorth. The aim of this partnership is to provide access to the training available through BridgeNorth for the purpose of equipping and encouraging Fellowship church engagement in this ministry within their local context.

Serving Fellowship Churches

Beginning in March 2018, the BridgeNorth team is available for presentations and professional training on topics such as:

  • Survivor Testimony
  • Human Trafficking 101 and what you can do
  • Prostitution in Canada: Facts and Figures
  • Internet Safety
  • Pornography’s link to Human Trafficking

Fellowship Churches Responding

Fellowship churches are being invited to respond in these ways:

  • Prayerfully consider being an anchor church that will pray and embrace this ministry.
  • Educate your church by having presenters from BridgeNorth speak to your church about this very real problem which exists in our own backyard.
  • Have a champion or couple in your church that will share updates from time to time.
  • Provide financial support to BridgeNorth.