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The Bolducs

Home Church: Richview, Toronto, ON

Significant Dates:
∙ Appointed for career service to France, 1991.
· Departed for France in 1993.
· Reassigned to French-speaking Belgium, 2001.
. Returned to France in 2007.

Pierre was born in Drummondville, Quebec, the youngest of four sons born into a Catholic family. A few months after the tragic death of his 19-year-old brother, Pierre came to faith in Christ. Not long after, his mother, too, accepted the Lord.

Within four months or so, more than half of the family belonged to Christ. The influence of alcohol and drugs gave way to growth in Christ.

A growing interest in France, and the opportunity to lead a French hitchhiker to the Lord, prompted Pierre to spend most of 1987 in France with International Ministries. It was there that Pierre met Jeanine Girot from Ottawa, a member of the France SWIFT team.

Jeanine was born in London, Ontario, of a French father and a Spanish mother. While at school she became determined to find out who God really was. Soon after returning to University, she became convinced of the reality and significance of Christ's death for her.

In the summer of 1988, Jeanine went to France with the SWIFT program. There she met Pierre. They were married in August 1989 and returned together with SWIFT in 1990.

The Bolducs were accepted for career service as evangelists and church planters and departed in September 1993 for France. Pierre served as the assistant pastor at the Pontault-Combault church and gave leadership to the church's evangelism ministry. Jeanine's musical abilities were very much appreciated at the church as she worked alongside church members in the area of worship.

In the fall of 2001, to accommodate the educational needs of their family, the Bolducs moved to Malmedy, Belgium where they joined the missionary team in the growing church. In 2007, they were able to return to France to work as part of church planting.

In September 2012, the Bolducs began a new ministry in Val d'Europe with the Lagny sur Marne church and are focusing on evangelism and church planting.

Pierre and Jeanine have three children, Joel, Matthieu and Anne-Sophie.