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Glen and Linnea are focusing on the Nyarafolo, a least-evangelized people group in northern Côte d'Ivoire.





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Glen and Linnea (Linn) Boese are focusing on the Nyarafolos, a least-evangelized people group in northern Côte d’Ivoire, using church development, Bible translation and compassion ministries.

Glen is director of the Baptist Hospital laboratory, supervising the regional testing services for a countrywide AIDS treatment project. He oversees the hospital computer services, is field treasurer, and manages the business end of the Nyarafolo Translation Project.

Linn directs and is Hebrew exegete for the Nyarafolo Translation Project. She and Moise Kone completed Genesis, and have now drafted the “Life of Moses” narrative portions of the Pentateuch, and Book 1 of the Psalms. Abdoulaye Ouattara has completed Galatians and a revision of Mark’s gospel, and is now testing the draft of Matthew.

The Nyarafolo Outreach Group meets in the Boese courtyard for worship and to create songs in Nyarafolo musical forms. Glen and Linn partner with them in evangelism and training, including the annual Nyarafolo Bible Conference that unites the scattered believers. Twice a month, one of the local FM stations gives free time to the group for a Sunday afternoon program. The Boeses helped remodel and re-outfit the Ferke Recording Studio to provide a place for messages and music to be recorded.

Formerly resistant, Nyarafolos are now coming to Christ in increasing numbers. Glen and Linn planted a church in the village of Tiepogovogo, and in February 2011 saw the young pastor they have mentored become the first Nyarafolo to be ordained. Glen and Linn hope to partner with the Tiepogovogo church in evangelizing Lafokpoho, a key village nearby. It is a bastion of traditional animist worship, so spiritual warfare challenges are expected.

Relationship building and counseling fill many hours. Civil unrest has increased the endemic poverty, so Glen and Linn have helped needy youth and a group of widows start small businesses.