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Education is an essential component in the growth and development of children. It is in school where important skills like reading and writing are acquired, and where children learn to be a friend, a good student, and even a leader.

The development that takes place, and the experiences gained while in school are what shapes a child and prepares them for the rest of their life. For many children, however, access to education is a luxury that is just not within their reach.

FAIR - Mini Appeals - Indonesia - students at deskIndonesia Theological Seminary alumni, Belly and Meily Kesek, give leadership to Watumea Baptist Church in Indonesia. In partnership with Compassion International the church provides education for 315 children, ages 5-18. These children come from low income families from many different communities in the Watumea area. It is through this education program that children are encouraged, their health needs are addressed, they gain the social skills needed for life, they learn to play music and to speak English, and also acquire other useful skills that help shape them for the future. School is a place where they can feel secure and learn about Christ and how to live their Christian lives amongst their family and community.

A new building is being constructed to better suit the needs of the school. When finished, the facility will have 8-10 rooms, a diningroom, a worship chapel, and an office for staff members. Construction on the building is well underway, but an additional $25,000 is needed to complete the building.

Would you prayerfully consider how you can partner with FAIR as together we seek to provide the remaining funds to assist the children of Watumea? Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration.